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A King and Queen of Ice 22
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 22
"We are all liars, we wear different masks in front of different people. But to truly see someone as they really are, that is true intimacy."
Jack Frost?” Anna shrieked, incredulous.
Elsa’s eyes slid back across the crowd and found the man once more. Anna gripped her arm tighter. She thought her sister would react to the nails that bit the skin, but she hardly seemed to notice.
“That can’t be Jack, his hair is white!” Anna found the man and her eyes narrowed, It was white this morning....
“Lord Frost is not that tall either,” Anna blinked and turned her eyes to the Ice Master.
“How do you know what Jack looks like?” Her tone was suspicious as she glowered at him, “I don’t think you’ve ever seen him.” Kristoff ran a hand through his hair and avoided her eyes. When he refused to answer she snapped at him, “Kristoff?”
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A King and Queen of Ice 21
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 21
A misguided wolf is as much likely to kill a lamb as it is to love it. Same can be said of a man, he may kill his friend as easily as he saves his foe.
He breathed in the cold mountain air, the clean scents of snow and the forest filled his lungs and he felt them ache. He exhaled with a happy sigh and a smile. He had taken the Snow Queen’s advice and started at the waterfall. As he stood atop the outcrop with the frost melt cascading beside him he smiled at the kingdom before him. The many banners on the lampposts were being changed in the early day hours, though some maintained the Arendelle crest. The Lord of Snow sat down on the edge and simply watched the kingdom come to life.
Many ships had begun sailing into the harbor and he saw many high nobles walk the gangplank and into the main city square. Some flags swayed in the light breeze, other trade ships were forced to opposite ends of the harbor or even remained in the fjord o
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Mature content
A King and Queen of Ice 20 :iconravens-death:Ravens-Death 7 2
Mature content
A King and Queen of Ice 19 :iconravens-death:Ravens-Death 6 6
A King and Queen of Ice 18
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 18
"Memory is a curse more often than a blessing..."
She lay on top of the covers, staring into the pressing darkness, unable to quiet her mind or the images that flashed before her eyes. She had become used to seeing the hardships of her people, majority of it had been caused by her. In the guilt that grew today’s encounter had nearly been the breaking point. With a frustrated sound she stood and began pacing the floor, unable to remain still. This was not something she wanted to see, wanted to witness, but as Queen Regent of Arendelle she had little choice.
The guardsman led a frail woman and a young boy of ten into the great hall. She sat at her throne, Anna at her side. She rarely used this room, but circumstances presented themselves on occasion. The sapphire from her crown cast bright blue shadows as it glinted in the sun. As the pair stopped the queen and princess looked them over. The woman was near fifty or so but Anna would
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A King and Queen of Ice 17
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 17
"Why didn't you take his purse when you had the chance? There must have been hundreds in there!"
"What is a satchel of coin's value when the bag is cut open and all that spills out is found cold, hard, and worthless."
"And the bag?" His voice hesitant of the answer. 

She stood at the window in the Council Chambers and looked out at the square, watching the many citizens bustling about below in the midday sun. With hands clasped behind her back she listened to her Masters read off and argue the final listing of guests and preparations left to be had. She did not particularly pay close attention; her thoughts were far away on a mountain top. Where did she stand with her Lord of Snow? Where did he stand with her? She felt a headache come about as the chaotic noise in the room seemed to rival the noise in her skull. Suddenly the noise cut off with a great booming sound, making her jump slightly.
“Absolutely not!” T
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A King and Queen of Ice 16
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 16
Curiosity killed the cat? Good thing the cat has nine lives.
The days passed by slowly and preparations for the Festival were in full swing. It was not far now, five days to be exact. The council members and royal sisters had barricaded themselves in the Council Chambers, pouring over ledgers of tasks to be done. Artisans and Bakers busily wandered in and out of the castle with each new task beheld to them. Everything major was done, and now only nitpicky tasks remained. With the Master’s of Trade and Word busy with their own agendas the Queen and Princess remained within the room, the Master of Coin a constant, hovering presence; annoying but necessary.
They went through everything, what color the napkins should be, the number of chairs, the stylized dishes and desserts that would be present, on and on they went. Chocolate of course would be there, that was no argument. But what of the gathering itself? Would the entire ca
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A King and Queen of Ice 15
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 15
They say to forgive and forget, but what if you can't forgive? What if you can't forget?
As the moonlight filtered through the dusty clouds he found the room Anna described. He carefully unlocked the window and pushed it up. The lack of use causing it to squeak loudly and stick and after a few attempts of opening it wider, he gave up. The cool air rushed inside and it seemed to him like the room had taken its first breath in ages. Dust was thick and heavy and it covered everything, from the carpets to the chairs against the walls. White cloth was draped here and there as if not properly placed and lack of care had caused them to fall to the floor.
Bookshelves lined the walls covered in music books and sheets alike. He noticed many were for string instruments but he was looking for one in particular. It was there at the lowest corner of the third case where he found it. A thin book of sheet music, fit for delicate hands to play upon the
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A King and Queen of Ice 14
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 14
Shards of me too sharp to put back together. Too small to matter. But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces if I tried to touch her. So I bleed, and I breathe, no more.
Three days. She’s dismissed everything for three days. Anna thought bitterly. She had thought it best to give her sister her isolation, but it had gone on long enough for her tastes. She did not know what had happened and she dare not ask the others. All she knew was that the queen returned sometime in the night and now ice barred anyone from going near that door. She slammed her mug of tea on the table, making Kristoff and Olaf jump.
“I’m going to talk to her, even if I have to break down the door.”
“Don’t forget the window.” Olaf suggested with a laugh.
“She’s already beaten you to it.” Her Ice Master said, closing the book in his lap.
“Well then, at least I have an alternative.
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A King and Queen of Ice 13
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 13
Solitude was my salvation, silence my music, and then you came in screaming and raving like a madman. Now the solitary life is terrifying, and the silence screams louder than ever before. You have broken me, destroyed my very existence, and I pray you never fix it.
The trees twisted wildly and if she hadn’t have known which tree to turn at she would have easily been lost. She heard a sharp inhale and silence as he realized where they were. At the sound she looked up, the uneasiness and anger vivid in his eyes. She turned her horse around and trotted back at him, he stared ahead with a loathed expression before he sighed and continued ahead. She stifled a sigh of relief before turning back and dismounting, tying the reins in a nearby branch. She found him perched on a high rock; he did not look at her.
“You were right.” He said in a low voice. “You’ve ruined my mood.”
She ignored the barb and walked cl
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A King and Queen of Ice 12
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 12
Like a flicker of a flame she is both beautiful and tantalizing to the eye, but like that flame her anger can overcome us all with such power and ferocity as an inferno would a forest.
“I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but...”
The princess set the pitcher on the table and poured two cups. “No that’s exactly what you’re telling me.” She grabbed the two sets and walked around to sit on the chaise. “Here,” She said offering her sister the glass.
“Thank you,” She sighed, “I never knew how scared I was until he fell into that chair.” She took a sip, “Really Anna?”
“You looked like you needed something stronger than tea.”
“It’s just after one!”
“Wine goes with lunch,” She argued, the queen sighed and sat back in the chair. “Drink, like a good adult.”
The queen laughed once and did as she was told
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Mature content
A King and Queen of Ice 11 :iconravens-death:Ravens-Death 6 1
A King and Queen of Ice 10
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 10
Ignorance is not always bliss.
They lounged amongst the grass, watching the sun set over the edge of the barricade. The Lord of Snow had his eyes closed, soaking in the waning sun, and the warmth that came from the woman on his chest. He felt at peace here, and the rage and other nonsensical waging war in the west left his mind. He’d seen the carnage and he prayed it did not come here. He smiled down at her and in the stillness a gentle breeze lifted the loose strands of hair to sway, the only other movement besides their breathing. He wondered if she’d fallen asleep and chuckled at the thought.
“What are you laughing about?” She sat up and turned to look at him,
“I was just wondering if you fell asleep.” He smiled up at her and traced his hand down her back.
“I almost did,” She admitted with a smile, but it turned sad and she glanced away. “But it’s getting late.”
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A King and Queen of Ice 9
A King and Queen of Ice: Chapter 9
Parting is such sweet sorrow....
“A small misplacement of coin.” The princess said again, this time with an annoyed expression that nearly matched her sisters. “That’s why he dragged you out of that room?!”
Elsa said nothing, but crossed her arms a little tighter, trying to rein in her anger.
She had left Jack on the teetering edge of control and had very little time to recompose herself before she faced the Masters. A misplacement of nearly two hundred silver pieces that hadn’t been catalogued caused the Master of Coin to have a hissy fit. How she wished she could freeze him solid and return to her Lord of Snow. But she knew it wouldn’t benefit anyone, and by the time she came back down the hall she saw the window had been left open, and a touch of frost hung on the ledge. Her fury rose again and she’d stormed off towards the southern balcony, trying to find some peace of min
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Mature content
A King and Queen of Ice 8 :iconravens-death:Ravens-Death 10 0
Ragged Determination by Ravens-Death Ragged Determination :iconravens-death:Ravens-Death 0 0

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Hello all!

It's been quite a few year's since I've updated this thing but as you can tell I'm still quite active. I've recently fallen in love with a certain pairing and I decided to write my own fan-fiction surrounding them. So far nothing I found really screamed realism to the characters. Now my Jack will make sense as I get closer to the end of the fiction, that's still another twenty or so (hopefully) chapters away from where I am now. But here's the spoiler, skip this next line if you don't want to read it. Jack ask's the trolls to erase his memory and it takes him back to when he turns into a guardian, basically takes us full circle and coincides with what happens in Rise of the Guardians, since he had no memory of Elsa while he was alive, it doesn't show up in the flashback scene in the movie, effectively staying true to both their movies. End spoiler. I'll post the link down at the bottom to the first chapter, and each chapter has a link to the next chapter in it, once you reach the most current chapter it'll bring you back to the beginning. 

In other news I've been accepted to a college in California, Sacramento State and will attend in the spring semester so my schedule will be booked. Don't fret if by late December and January I disappear again. I'll try and get the story updated as fast as I can so I can just simply post when I have a minute. Being a double major does take up some time, haha. Life's good and this is starting to become pointless again haha. As with any artist, any artwork based on the story is greatly appreciated and down right awesome, so draw away! Please link me to the artwork and link to my story as well. I do have this on under the same name and update it as frequently as I do here. :D

Now that I'm done ego fluffing, here's the link to the story and I really hope you all enjoy it. Feedback, comments, critiques are welcome! :D

A King and Queen of Ice 1


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